2014 Benefit for Life Highlights

We would like to send out a special thank you to our Underwriters, Table Sponsors, and Donors for your generosity and partnership. As a result of your support we have raised over $178,000 toward our goal of $200,000!

Thanks to you we were able to open our doors at the new offices in April of this year. Since the beginning of this year we have been able to help 667 women and performed 761 ultrasounds. Over 79 percent of the women who were vulnerable for abortion changed their minds after viewing their baby by ultrasound.

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Jayon Felizarda - 11 year old Prodigy Violinist & 1st Violinist for Duke Children’s Symphony

Excerpts from our guest speaker at this year’s Gala: Gayle Felizarda.

When I became pregnant in 2002, my husband and I had the same hopes and dreams of any expecting couple. We wanted to see our child graduate from college, get married and witness significant milestones in his life. 
But four months into the pregnancy, my doctors delivered a horrifying diagnosis about the fetus -the unborn child in my womb had an extremely rare and potentially devastating condition that occurs when a person is missing a chromosome. I learned that my child might never walk or talk, and that he might not even survive his first year of life.

A whirlwind of activities and tests soon followed. They set me up for an appointment with a genetics counselor, who essentially told me that I must travel across the state to obtain clinical abortion services in my early stage of pregnancy. She sounded so certain, too certain, in fact, that I almost felt like I was not being given a voice and I had no other choice. Every parent wants to have a good, happy, healthy life for their child. Your reality changes when you are faced with a decision that will affect your entire life. 

…I was raised on the notion that God’s will is perfect and flawless.

…Undoubtedly, each and everyone of us have encountered an event in our lives, when we have to have to make a crucial, gut-wrenching choice. I remember a Paul Newman movie, entitled The Rack, when right before the ending credits rolled in, Mr. Newman made a startling statement that remained etched in my memory to this day. He stated, “Every man has a moment in his life when he has to choose. If he chooses right, then it’s a moment of magnificence. If he chooses wrong, then it’s a moment of regret that will stay with him for the rest of his life”. There are numerous instances in our lives that we have lost our moment of magnificence, I prayed to God on that quiet afternoon inside the specialist’s office, that I had not lost mine.

The first words that I blurted out to the genetics counselor, while fighting back tears, were these, “If he will end up dying before his first year as you said, I will let him die a natural death, in accordance with Gods will”. I wanted my son to experience a dignified death, blessed by the priest and accorded with the sacrament of the Last Rites. I wanted my son baptized immediately after birth to signify that he belongs to God.

…After my husband and I left her office and headed home, I began to sense fear taking over like a dark looming cloud. …After I replayed the events in my mind and began to contemplate in silence, I was horrified of the future ordeal that I would have to face…My concerns and reservations took over and my strength started to unravel…Will I be strong enough to take care of my son?

But then, I asked myself, have I forgotten God’s mercy and overflowing love? God so loved us that he gave us his most valued and important treasure, his only begotten Son. Jesus, the eternal Son of God, gave up his very life to save us from sin. Can I not do the same for Him. This is a way for me, a great opportunity in fact, to lay down my life for Him. God had given me a chance to emulate His Son Jesus’ servant heart.

…My faith wrestled triumphantly and won over my fear. If this is what it means to carry my cross, then I will gladly accept it with open arms.

Five months later, I gave birth to my son. My husband and I named him Jayon Christopher. He was two weeks premature, and his 7-pound body was robust and completely healthy. And grew up he did. Not only did he grow up, he thrived, against all odds, blessed by the love of God.